Brutally Honest Pocast

Welcome to The Brutally Honest Podcast!
If you happen to be a first-time listener, I am your host, Harrison Baron, and thank you for your support.
Each week I am welcomed with a unique guest. Our show is the moment to sit down and relax as they give you the insight into their story.
This Podcast features unscripted, raw, and Brutally Honest material about each guest and their journey to how they became who they are today.

What people are saying

Absolutely love this podcast! Harrison's commentary is hysterical, and he brings on great guests. Never a dull moment, I look forward to each new episode! Keep it up

Listening to this last podcast #85 with Deputy Assistant Chief Thomas J. Richardson and Harrison was truly amazing. Hearing him talk to his life and every accomplishment going through ranks of officers were awesome, his story about 9/11 brought chills and tears. Truly an amazing person. Great guest to have on the show!!

Harrison has some really interesting people on the show, makes my commute fly!