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Welcome to The Brutally Honest Podcast!
If you happen to be a first-time listener, I am your host, Harrison Baron, and thank you for your support.
Each week I am welcomed with a unique guest. Our show is the moment to sit
down and relax as they give you the insight to their story.
This Podcast features unscripted, raw, and Brutally Honest material about each
guest and their journey to how they became who they are today.


Harrison Baron

Harrison Baron is an Account Executive for Nerds That Care and hosts the Brutally Honest podcast. Developing an interest in radio while working alongside his childhood friend Cameron Ashby. The two forged a yearlong stint learning about radio as they grew with their fan base on We’re Live with Cam and Harry. Following some time off, Harrison decided he wanted to get his voice back on the mic as a solo MC.

The internal question ensued, “What would my voice stand for?”

After much thought, Harrison decided that his listeners deserved quality storytelling from guests coming from various walks of life with the intention of bettering their lives. Here, every week, via many outlets, can you join Harrison on Brutally Honest.

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Brutally Honest Podcast

Brutally Honest Podcast is a spotlight that sheds on local people we may not know yet, but we are making those voices heard. This show prides itself on giving our guest the moment to sit down, relax with me and give you the chance to listen to their unique story each week. This Podcast features unscripted, raw, and Brutally Honest material giving you the insight on their journey and life lessons.

The primary goal of the show is to bring interesting guests to the show from different walks of life. 

They share their stories, mistakes, and expertise in their fields and interests so we can all learn from one another.