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#95 - Comic Book art with Lula Lukas & Stacy (trascribed)

Welcome to another episode of The brutally honest Podcast. I am your host, Harrison Baron. And as always, thank you so much for tuning in. I really do genuinely appreciate it. The fact that you take time out of your day means the absolute world to me. Now I'm going to do something a little different than I normally would do today, as always, brutally honest podcast on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram is getting a bit more active really been trying to focus on that and grow it and it's been growing pretty successfully. Thank God you want to be I want a media company.


website new website is just is basically done at this point I'm waiting for at least I think I'm going to release it in the new year. New Year. New Me that whole shtick but that's pretty much it. If you want to follow me Harrison underscore Baron, I'd love to connect with you. If you have any ideas or you want to talk about the podcast, I would genuinely appreciate the talking or the messages of that you'll send me or anything like that.

But I don't really want to talk too much about that. Today I'm going to roll into something totally different and it's related to my guests on the show. My friend Lucas and her friend Stacey little is a comic book artist and Stacy is her dear friend and probably one of our biggest supporters and you could just see the love and passion for the both of them both what Lula does as an artist and Stacy is a supportive friend and they both actually work together and you'll hear more about that in the show But enough about that what I really want to talk about is the holidays are coming and I normally would never do anything like this I I firmly believe in letting people choose what they want to do for the holidays or support whatever they want to support for the holidays but I was specifically asked and I'd be more than happy to mention this so there is for any of my Long Island listeners a comic book store sorry I'm swallowing a lot also kind of thinking again second not too sure can't win was really sick couple weeks ago and that's why the podcast was not I didn't have a voice and I think it's coming back in a very nervous but there is a comic book store on the land called grasshoppers, comics It is located in I'll get you that information one second. But what they do is on


is up to date. Some first Saturday

they hold an event each year, the raffle of hundreds of prizes to raise money for the john Thiessen Children's Foundation, J TCF, which fills holidays, wishes of terminally ill and underprivileged children in hospitals and shelters throughout Long Island. It's a very powerful

charity, I don't mean powerful and the fact that you know, they have money and stuff like that powerful meaning

children need our help, in my opinion, more than anybody else in the world. I personally know that have people know people that have had the john Thiessen Foundation, touch them, and

they're doing a fun drive for basically breaking down from what it looks like, at least bring down toys, anything like that. And then you donate, go hang out, meet some really cool people that are really genuinely trying to change the world. Kind of like what I'm doing, or try to do in the podcast and spend some time bluebell is going to be there as well. And

she's going to be doing drawings and sketching all day with other other artists and selling artwork to donate money and a whole bunch of other things last year, they raised $15,000 in one night, and to help children and stuff like that. And like I said, I would never normally do this ever.

But I understand how important it is have positive people and things in the world for kids, especially sick ones. And I'm a firm believer in the fact that if you can take time out of your day,

whether it's to help that day, or visit that day, or write a check or donate a toy to children in need, especially sick ones. The power of being positive and being happy is so important

when you're sick. It really is I know tons of people that have been very sick and literally have been cured because of either nice gestures or you've been happy. And that literally helps you get through either the sickness, the cancer, whatever it may be, and they fought and because of that positivity they got through

December 1 grasshoppers. I should probably tell you guys where it is. Let me look that up still. But now I kind of just went on a little tangent.

I do genuinely believe in it. I'm actually going to go down I'm going to stop by for a little while as well. So if you have never met me, it's maybe a time that you can meet me. If you've met me and you just want to help out stop by I'll be there. I'd be more than happy to meet you.

I don't know if this is the right place. But it's just if I'm reading this correctly. And I think I am

it is in Wilson Park hillside Avenue. And one of the just get myself into just kidding. I will be there but go support. It's cool. I don't know the hours I will actually put a link in the podcast description to go check it out. Also, I normally don't do that. But I really think that stuff like this can really change the world. And because of that I will go and I will support and I think it's for a really good cause.


back to the normal stuff. My guest tonight or my friend Lula my friend, Stacey. She is a rock star which is great. French is a rock star. When it comes to art. She talks all about the transformation of her life and into art and overcoming fears. Which I absolutely love. I love hearing stories like that

and we just kind of we hang out as always and talk about stuff and her friend Stacy is hysterical. We have great time on the show. I don't want to spoil I don't really want to spoil anything but I think you guys are gonna love it. I will give you a quick heads up the first section of the show. I think it's like about 45 minutes or so. I'm an idiot. I messed up the audio. It was computer audio and not microphone audio. So the audio is not the absolute perfect best audio possible. But it's pretty good. And then after about an hour, it kicks right in. And it's the normal super high quality stuff I try to provide to you guys. So that's the podcast. I hope you guys really enjoy it. I really hope you guys take time to stop down December 1. At grasshopper comics. I think I really do genuinely believe that it's going to have not only an impact on kids, but you have an opportunity to meet me. You get to meet Lula who's who's a guest on my show. And I want to spread that kind of stuff. I just genuinely believe in doing the right thing. And I think in and I know this is doing the right thing. So if you have time, that'd be cool. I'd love to see there

guys. I really hope you enjoy the show. And I'm sorry I got a little emotional. That's why it's a little longer than normal. Enjoy


But Stacy. You're just sharing the How I Met Your mother's version of your life. Yes. How I met my

almost said it.

You said it already served up during your run into the bus. You hear that? Boyfriend? Men guys. Hi. Dad says name and is

that just blessed? I thought I had a good name part.

Oh my god.

What's his last name?

what nationality is that? He damn Indian

jars are parts part.


God. That's cool, man. Alright, so you got caught.

caught the bouquet? Yeah. What's your

weekend and then his friends pretty much staged it so that he would catch the garter and then all made a big deal. He would catch it.

And he has made a big deal about how we're the next couple to get married. And they were playing on Snapchat, Stacy. You know?

s&p like s&p 500. Oh, yeah.

Why not? Yeah,

the other story.


I started working at Sweetwater in 2013, and I became friends with a couple that were from New Jersey. So that whole like loud Italian that always like new to me, because I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana. So it's like, you know, we have just like, white people.

That's it.

So that is is beautiful, by the way. super cold. But it is

super cool. But yeah, yeah, it's nice there. So him sitting right behind me while I'm like trying to answer the phone was terrible. And I just turned around time. And as I can you just like talk normal. Like, because the people on my phone can hear you talking to me.

Yeah. And he was just like,

yeah, so from that day forward, like, you just love to pick on me. And, and I gave it right back to him. And I think he may be kind of appreciated that that I didn't just like, Okay, my mouse you like, you know,

go into it.

So we became really good friends and kind of, you know, he didn't have any family out there. So my family and we kind of became his family out there. And so it's like, we were literally always together. And then like, two years later, he had this crazy Memorial Day party divided all of his friends that he grew up with in Jersey to come out and stay with him and park was there and

we hit it off at the party. And like, spent the whole weekend together, kind of just hanging out and drinking and whatever. And we got each other's numbers. And he was texting me, but

this is in Jersey know, Indiana

State for the weekend. And so then after he, you know, he went back to Jersey, while I guess he lived in New York at the time, Long Island, but he's originally from New Jersey. So he, you know, comes back here, and we're like, still talking. And I didn't really think anything of it. Because it was like, you know, he's coming back here. And I'm saying in Indiana, obviously, of course. So he was very persistent. He came back two weeks later, hang out and see me and he asked me, you know, I was wanting to date and I was like, Oh,

boy, thousand miles. I know nothing, like short term distance relationship.

Yeah, I had kind of already done that with a guy once. And it didn't work out. Well, obviously, it was just like, I had just gotten out of a super serious relationship. And I wasn't really looking to be in a relationship with anyone. And he was okay with me saying no, he continued to text me and talk to me came back two more weeks later to see me again. And I was just like, Okay, this guy's pretty serious about like, wanting to date me. So I was like, Okay, I was like, we can try it. If it doesn't work out. Like, I'm going to step away. Like, if I'm not comfortable. He was like, okay, that's fine. And so we tried to see each other once a month. So I would either come out here or he would come to Indiana.

Wow. Yeah. Girl, so much time from work. And I would just take I would just

like leave early on Friday. And because it really worked out because my friends I had made us we want to work from Jersey. They were coming back for a different family events or something. And dog just hitch a ride with him. And I would chip in for gas.

Wait, you drive across the country for this guy? Yeah. Well, he did the same for me. Of course, if you are listening, you,

sir. deserve a medal of honor.

As I drove here, he would drive out to Indiana, and

that is why wild Yeah, after a year and a half draws my friends that are going nonchalantly across the country. Yeah.

Yeah. So yeah. So then he would come in Jersey, and then we'd hang out on Long Island for the weekend. And then I'll be right back with them on Monday, or Sunday, or whatever it was. And then after how many hours

long drive was that?

It depends how many times you stop. If you stop one time to get gas in our bathroom. You can make it in about 10 hours if you stop a couple of times, because your friends have a baby. And now I gotta like change the diaper. And all that

you didn't realize is only 72 hours on a weekend, right? Yeah. So including having Friday off, right? Yeah, that is dedication. Yeah,

so we did that for like, a year and a half. And we decided to close the gap. And I got here

I am so Mind blown, like,

and then she got a position at a law firm for


and 40 minutes was far too far from a



that's the worst part about owning your own business. I'm realizing everyone's like, Oh, yeah, my offices in Jericho. My great. Um, I'll be

I guess we're never going to new business because I basically refused to go past the Nassau Suffolk County border.

It's awful. And then people are like, Oh, yeah, I work in New York City. Am I cool? Well, where do you live? Because I'll just catch you on your way home. Because there's no chance I'm going to New York City. Like,

unless we're spending the whole day together. I don't know. Like, I get out of the train at a Penn Station. And you walk up to the like, the, the fresh air will do air quotes. And I immediately like

I literally just got to New York City. It's eight in the morning. Like I just showered and add two hours ago and I'm already dirty.

The city is so cool to me. Cuz I'm, you know, I'm here. I'm really two years like, yes. Interesting. That place that's also cool city.

Awesome. And it's so you can eat dinner off the sidewalks. It is freakishly clean. Yeah, and there

needs to be that way. homelessness in a very long time. In two weeks ago. I went and same thing when I come out of the train. Penn Station all sudden, I see crowds of people and you know, caution tape everywhere. And I'm like, oh, boy, here we go. Cops everywhere. You know, I'm just so like, you know, I'm not used to being the city for a long time to come on to that. But the lucky thing was spider man homecoming was being filmed. So I didn't get to see

pictures of it.


surrounded by a complex in my life lately is aligning.

Yeah. So I want to hear about this whole story about I will further when we started out with a brush smart. And then it was like, oh, by the way, I used to never talked to anybody. And I'm like, Oh, well, that's not normal. Ok. And now that's normal. I was just like, now I'm on a podcast, and then a on a podcast. Literally, that's just life, right?

Oh, it's about facing challenges, facing fears. And

every more everything. If you live in your comfort zone, you will never grow as a

human. I'm never gonna meet amazing people

that goes with your waistline to for all the fluffy people out there, like may feel inside of comfort zone to say, you're never going to learn about tacos and burritos. All right. That's it.

Just kidding. systems. So I want to hear your story. Because now we heard the longest distance relationship that's ever occurred. I'm just now my goal. My sole goal in life to die happy is to find somebody that's like, Oh, yeah, community, New York. We just drove across every every week with dental go for a month, a week of work once a month. And I'm like, well, that's even more dedication that I could even imagine.

Now, where should I start at right now, or

one idea, overcoming fears to talking to people to may not know that you had a hidden talent of art until like, two weeks ago or so

overcoming fears. And

you're just me, by the way, so just remember why you're in the hot seat. All right,

you're the one that promoted you know, that you would like to

interview guests. You know, if you're looking

if you're looking for someone to be interviewed, I'm looking to be interviewed. So I can get over this fear. And I would like to promote the event that I was just at. And I kind of like, that's okay, I had too much going on getting getting this art ready. And execution, we

welcome on demand pieces. So anyway,

I didn't bring some artwork and most amazing piece in short, in a short period of time, just to go into that really quick. So we could I was the event by the was amazing. It was believable. You know,

it's like one I the first event I ever did. I've never been to Comic Con apps. Number one, those people I always wanted to, but that goes along with the fear of speaking also the fear crowds that kind of, yeah.

Whoa, what was that from, by the way, speaking both, I don't like lunch. cranz, just as a like, I could captivate everybody in a room. But like, if there is like an adult, large thing going on, or an event going on. As soon as I have people touching me at all the whole time. Not that I must have a fear of people touching me. I'm just like, finds us enjoyable. I like my mainly you go to drinking events. That's usually what I refer to. But concerts and stuff like to where you're like, that's already and I'm like this. Isn't this just one from fun to not fun? Like, what? why did why is everybody so tightly packed


I don't have a fear. I just don't like it. Like, my, my happiness level goes from like, 100 to like, 10. And I'm like, I need to get out of the tent or facility or anything like that a thriving open spaces.

Yeah, definitely.

If you're speaking, I don't know, maybe just upbringing, stuff like that. But there we're having a chance to be wanting to speak. I was always an artist, wrong, quiet, introverted. I see. express myself in my art, basically communicating with my voice.

So you've always been doing art.

Yeah. Ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I was able to draw and mimic my first strong ever I'll never forget is basically the cover of one of the VHS, you know, Disney covers of like Pinocchio or Safari Dumbo, like Jordan today sounds like 8586. And for some reason, I had the uncanny ability to make the cover at five years old with no training or anything like that.

So ever since then just doodling I was always the kid in the class that was able to draw the best kind of kid and then

I've wanted to pursue it. I didn't have a chance to for reasons of no financial and also I had to, unfortunately

take care of my mom. She was going through breast cancer at the time and stay home with her and, and like 911 happened, like so much going on around that time. Yeah. And I'm in Brooklyn at the time. So you grew up? Yeah.

So we're doing a fear of crowds. But you live in Brooklyn? Yeah,

absolutely. Well,

good parts of Brooklyn showed up the bass. But, you know,

I kind of and then I met my husband and I came on a cruise. And yeah,

I want to hear this story. We already went through the long distance one now you got to fire off this one Samba new tracks right now.

So I met him

around 24. Yes, Turkey. And

thank you, and yoga and


yo, yo,

he healthy. Um, so yeah, we met when we're both 24 years old on a cruise his family there out my family's there. And we weren't even supposed to be there. He had a girlfriend at the time that he broke up with. I had a boyfriend at the time.

We'll get into that later. It does have something to do with the whole complex stuff. And what comic book stuff? It does have the reason why I was drawing back then, and stuff like that.

So yeah. So then I met him, and we he asked me to marry him the first day. Wait, what? Yeah, yeah. The first day, he asked me to marry him.

He the first day, you know, yep. And down on one knee, and everything

at my wedding. No more of like, will you marry me? Like, you know, at the cruise at the bar. I won't go through the whole thing I like to store and everything like that. But the roulette table we met at a table,

I put money on 17. He tells the story better. That's why I never usually at this point, he comes in and tells the story.


this is a this whole story.

I gotta

go. See you soon. We're going to do anything interesting. Yeah,

you're supposed to say that. Yeah. Well, I don't know. Okay. Good. I mean, come on. Come on the podcast. I'll have them on, I

think even enjoy it. Yeah, absolutely. He's got some great stories. So. So yeah, I'm actually table with my sister. And I put, I don't know, $5 on 17. And it hits and my husband very, very attractive, handsome at night. You know, that, you know,

as a 24 year old girl. I was like, Okay, this is a nice looking guy. seems nice. Not creepy looking. I was I was, I'll be honest, I was in love with him. So

I put the money on there, and 17 hits. And then I take the money away, and it comes out again. So the first words out of his mouth was like, Who does that? You know? Why would you take the money away after you when you supposed to keep the money? You take your winnings, and keep your money? I'm like, Are you kidding me? And then I already knew that he was from Brooklyn from his voice. I'm like, Where are you from? You sound like you're from. I'm from Brooklyn. New. You, like still, like adamant about the fact that I took my money away. So basically, from day one, we've been like, you know, back before

yelling at each other and stuff like that. But yes, ever since then. We, we've been inseparable. So that was about the definition low at first sight. 14 years. So my sister was actually there. And that whole night, you know, we, you know, I hung out with him. And we just spoke and talked all night. And we just really obviously, connect. And then when I went back to my room, and my sister was like, Who's that way? You know, I really I didn't get his name.

So were you on the cruise with your boyfriend? Please? The on the cruise.

My sister and her two kids. My boyfriend was at the time was supposed to go, but he couldn't. And yeah, I messed up. Yes. So, you know,

we were

together for two years. And it was kind of like, on its way out anyway, obviously,

ever let tables and just picking up dudes to marry. It's like, Man, I'm kind of saying this yet. Here. And watch me. So now this display Does that ring on the end. Who wants it

now? But

I'm rolling back to 2004 for the year to be alive. Oh, man. It was me.

So I will say what?


I was even born yet. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. Just kidding. There is. We're the you. There are people that are like,

I'm not gonna say when I was

funny know, it's weird kids. Now, learning about 911 is a historic event.

Mind blown. Yeah.

So going back to the room. My sister asked me, you know what happened? You're talking to that boy for so long.

I was name and I told her. He asked me to marry them, you know, and she's like, so at my wedding. She was my maid of honor. And she said basically, that we weren't sure if he was the one or he was, you know, crazy, crazy, obviously.

And he's absolutely crazy.

Yeah, that was that's how we met. And we've been together ever since. So, coming from Brooklyn, you know, both of us. And now we live in Long Island, and he's a successful business owner. I'm successful at my career trainee. You know,

you can give a shameless plug show


part of my life. I've been with them for 10 years.

So they play a huge part in your life. He's part


cancer and if you listen to your own next,


definitely developed my skills, you know, in marketing because of

his vision and his direction. So

I don't know so much of a visionary that dude is until like, I like started to, like, really creep and I'm like, god damn concerning

shit. I'm just I sit behind a computer all day. And all of a sudden now, like, I'm a volunteer firefighter, Eagle Scout, like the whole night. I try to do like, as much as I can. And then I looked at cancer and like, not playing down hard enough. We gather. You know, I gotta, I gotta get dirty. Back in the sandbox here. Ship busy. 24. Seven.

I can only imagine I feel like the Navigon app.


Yeah. There you go. So many ways. It can either be like this is gonna be awesome or I'm going to hate my life because nothing's gonna work out well like hey can by the way I just wanna let you know we read we replicated this SpaceX rocket and we're going to go to Mars yeah not good enough we should have done a Jupiter to

I'm like oh

ok we have a bunch of for make a damn budget for something like that only had a handful of conversations with them but

you know

that he does big time

and nonprofit


down in the trenches with them yeah yeah very good time for them

and he created the imagine or something that we get to celebrate once a year and showcase what just happened in it may every May we do the applications

also say I saw something about just pastor

number 28 so if you know of any nonprofits or if you'd like to nominate a leader that's a nonprofit definitely go to our website Joe sugg fan but it's it's good for now if they get to apply and it made me to finalize around they're getting a free video and $5,000 in plus all the promoting of it and

shorts event Have you ever had somebody went twice in a row

trying to think two years in a row maybe but not in the same like was we have five categories of innovation rising star social impact your

leadership and now the arts and culture Lord so we've had finalists that were in two categories because they applied for two different programs you know there's some amazing organizations on Long Island so yeah if you go to ww I'd imagine awards or just google at Long Island imagine orange you'll learn so much about it definitely contact me if you have questions

no it's cool it's definitely cool far so no we just plug him sorry yeah associates on be here now is gonna come on now that he's been he's under the bus now

our two guests coming up. Yeah, so many parts.

He was like, oh yeah. I just want him on because of his name. His name I can always tell them that you love it. There is not many people that I know that have like, pardon my French but bad ass names.

Like he struck gold

Wait, I love my name. Like people go Harrison. Like oh, it's pretty powerful name. And then again, you know, like I appreciate that. You know, and then you get like Mike or Bob like Okay, cool.

You're getting people to parse and they're like

oh dude, like

and why you couldn't do anything with that name? Like it doesn't matter like if you could you could be semi okay and something but with that name. Yeah, it's like yeah, I barely got through med school I'm like a brain surgeon. My name is parts you like

like I don't know what accomplishments or goals or things like that you've done but I need you to do my surgery now I feel like 12 people now I need you to do my name my part that's worth dying for like oh anything that didn't crush it

crush it that is like that is probably one of the coolest things ever and

I love it I'm so I'm so into it.

Yeah, yeah, just a little bit I never heard it before but that's not all. That's also not common way here. Name that I've never heard before.

No, sorry. It's just doesn't carry the weight is not right on your bread. I liked lu lu is like, happy name. Like you hear somebody. Oh, hey, my name is Lula. I'm like wow. You I feel like your entire life is just sunflowers and cheer and rainbows

party. Like this dude could literally do anything and conquer the world.

What do I do will parse definitely parse meaning first name meeting? I'll find out okay. Yeah, find out

there's so many

different languages in India so

I want to talk about comics and cartoons and

yeah what's your favorite

character so I don't watch I don't read comics of my watch it on the day

when it's think we're we both saw it. This is my art. So I feel like I should just

immediately disclose there's going to be massive spoiler alerts

right now. So if you're listening and you haven't seen venom and you plan on seeing venom stop the podcast now and skip forward like 10 minutes Yes, yeah,

I know that we're going to go down a dark path right now


first of all Holy shit. I thought it was a great movie. I thought I thought the Tom Hardy could have been a little bit better of an actor. There were also some parts in the movie that didn't

as far as like a video production knows we're poor like when she's talking to him and she just got fired and she drops her stuff something falls out of the box but then when she's leaving, there's nothing she doesn't pick anything up and there's nothing there and I was like I really know who saw that one yes? Right. Like just simple

things like that are paid so much money

exactly like job I don't even watch movies like so I see a movie I'm like this is amazing. Like everyone my friends could say it sucks it's the worst movie ever ever friend He's a movie snob like he could recall anything happens in movie that movie I was just like put like

she didn't pick up what you dropped you may have seen

a day and that's the other thing too So Tom already got interviewed after the showing of the movie and like oh you know what was your favorite part of the movie he goes to 3030 to 40 minutes that they took out and I was like wow that's a lot of time to take out one and to the fact that your favorite part of the movie is taken out super said the movie also did feel very rushed I feel like it could have easily been longer probably because they cut it out and also yeah the battle scenes show or

yeah they could have been they were so like almost almost a you know I love that cell I'm sorry I'm The End

The End The party is fighting quiet Riot like it was so short and I was like this this creature massive spoiler comes from literally the other side of the country makes it to you and the biggest fight between the two but antagonist and protagonist right i think it's

like four minutes long yeah

absolutely well you did do some cool stuff where you could like see Tom Hardy and that yes I

was really

yeah yeah you had all this time like you don't even see him throughout the entire movie then rather than the appears to fight them and I'm like

that's it that's all you guys got like yeah you didn't even know who was until


like I don't understand that either because you know like hardcore Marvel fans will be in the movie theater as long as the movie is yes like no one's gonna be like oh that movie with two hours 30 minutes no

no no I'm gonna hair like feelings to that I didn't like was venom states his weaknesses which I'm like

why would you say your weakness You shouldn't have people find that out is like oh you know sound frequencies from X the X and then fire my weaknesses and

make sense out of the riot seen you know yes

that's what you do to declare

like a real story the host Ryan is not in the box

he isn't part of it isn't it?

I mean I heard that it was just made up for not I don't know I could be wrong i'm sure you probably get some

oh I did a ton of research on the movie beforehand um that was like there was five of them that came down and vented and they could be

what is it that the word when you can self reproduce

whatever it is but you know there's five I think brothers or something like that and venomous one of them I like to kind of human they put in you know you know why my own kind of loser in the group like I was like okay that's kind of funny you know yeah yeah he's a total loser yeah

that I didn't like I was just like there was just so many things that it was like that was so cool and then there are so many other things I don't like it and I definitely a firmly firmly firmly believe it should have been rated R like the kind of made that movie much better and it's all for the

DVD their make they're gonna have the

R rated DVD Did you hear that? Or you're just speculating

I'm speculating. Oh I hope to god that cool Deadpool you know it made the PG 13 version

I don't know who are well

they're going to release it

oh oh wow the opposite yeah oh I didn't know that

the sale

I really hope so because I really be curious to see how I would absolutely

at heart he was excited

about yes

I think everybody yeah I was Superman he heads instead of you know,

I don't care about the the cutting of the heads but like just him in his like, natural form basically, of like, you know, I need to feed instead of like, Oh, what is there all of this is dead food, you know, whatever it is, you know, and I think the part in the restaurant could have been done better and when is eating the officers and stuff like that I was just like, really that's it like I would have changed in the venom to eat not stay this Tom Hardy trying to eat like that. Like there's little things like that that I'm like, and then you see like you see them swim and venomous swims. I'm million miles an hour. And then he and then jumps out. And it's not venom, but like, that's the only time you see him swim. Like, I just feel like there's so much more than could have done and they didn't. And the other thing I don't like either is the ending when a Woody Harrelson says like oh, there's going to be carnage. I'm like,

Okay, I get it. Because there's another one of you called carnage. But like,

That's him. You know

who is going to be Carnage? Yeah, yes. And apparently like venom gives birth to Carnage or something like that. Or some kind of thing like that. But what I didn't like is there's nothing to talk about how Woody Harrelson out there which is fine but you're going to give them two minutes at the end is a cliffhanger and just say there's going to be Carnage

well yeah

I was just like you could have played it off like it instead of making this in two minutes five minutes like jumping in the future you know how does Woody Harrelson get there and then like kind of give like a better teaser be I'm just like if I didn't know about like all of them oh no one would understand nobody would understand that so from an outside person just saying like oh you know the movie looks cool

kinda like

that two minutes at the end of every Marvel movie though is for like real like diehard fans that you know

I agree that they could have just done it so much better you know like either him going on a killing streak like you know foreshadow or foreshadowing I don't know jumping back to the past where like you know if something happened and now he's there and then you know and he brought comes up to him and then he says that like something like a scene and then you know, let's say really bad scene happening you know, claw marks and cars, things like that or whatever it may be and then like it goes like the camera pans into like a while a building and then that building turns into the jail and then there is like carving is a car incorrigible, I don't know like Okay, I get it now but like I feel like the way they did it was just so poor you are in a sentence SpiderMan

was no I'll talk to a lot of artists and stuff like that said that SpiderMan was

expired I was gonna be

two feet up like he was able to stand on this tooth even without vitamin D we're always yeah together

so I heard this is what I've heard so far because I spent a lot of time on the internet

they had to make this movie pG 13 because men is going to have to fight SpiderMan some point now

which I still think animated are and then dialed it back for that

movie. Exactly.

Yes. Which I think would have been probably the way to go so I think that was done bed and I think the next movie is the next movie succeeds I think they'll make maybe one more event a movie or they'll split it off to go into two directions. So they'll then they'll be Spider Man and venom and then just be venom now and then they'll kind of go back and forth that's the only thing I could think of but that's my thoughts on the movie

I should the whole plot line was done in a fast really fast and microwave

who's way it's girlfriend in the movie so annoying

to like guys I would never know that

you can definitely tell it was fake I don't like that. It's like low budget these are all signs of low budget

you know all CGI is the most expensive thing that world these


I be well so then that brings back to the statement of did they skimp or was what they cut out the best parts of the movie because you wouldn't even care about that wig. If the rest of movie was killer

I wouldn't notice you know okay you show you gave it a pass like that little box thing okay give it a pass you know honestly who gives a shit about the hair like screw air you know just bought up in this now the other thing okay I'm in yeah that was my big to do with it. And I was just like

at the end I was happy I saw it played pretty well into the comics from what I've read and stuff like that and I did a ton of research before the movie and then but I just felt like I could have been done so much better especially for the first real

enemy yeah like Darkside movie like almost ever. And that's what you come up with Anthony, you know,

it was the first column forever. But, you know,

I come from a generation where a little closer I come from the generation that comes from, you know, we're comic books started to really change and evolve, you know, back in 9192. And that's when, you know, venom came out. And Tom McFarland started, you know, drawing Spider Man and stuff like that. And then

spawn came out, like everything started to be different than the classic style of comic books that used to see where he was just very, very tight, you know,

not what you see today. You're very modernized, so that was a big deal to me, because the one that really attracted my the doors were shiny. Yeah, pretty cool.

Yes. I was really looking forward to this. And I definitely enjoyed I came home I was really happy with it. You know,

you go back to you start to think, like, maybe they could have done a little better here. Better their

initial reaction. The end I was like, Okay, good movie. Yes. Yeah, yes. Oh, yeah. I know what I watched it again. Yes. That's probably one of the movies that are watching the other


But I'm like, this could have been sold. Like we could have, you know, it's rated probably a solid, so seven, you know, seven out of town

with just a little bit more, and whoever. And who knows what, that 30 to 40 minutes that's cut out is be could easily have been a 10 out of 10 easily, you know, at least a nine out of 10. And I think the sad part is like the Green Lantern. They only made one of them. Because Green Lantern sucked. You know where I'd be. I'd be so distraught if they

only made two Venom's. Yeah. You know? I feel like it could easily be its own series.

What do you think of the actual venom like his his face his design.

So as bad as I loved it,

I think he like you said it'll keep going. And that's the main important thing. How they presented him. I was worried about that. I was worried about how he was going to be perceived and how he was going to move. And the whole banter between him and you know

about his name,

banter between his I loved it was great. I felt like you were listening to their conversation right there. Sure. And when, you know, certain things happen to me, you're like, Oh, my God, you know, or something happened to venom. I thought that was good. connected to the audience.

Yes, the comp a fan would agree.


yeah. And the little guy and it was kind of silly to some parts were like, you know, he's in his room. And, and, you know, put it, he puts his hands up, it's like, no hands, you can also go that's kind of comical, like, Okay, I get it, and you killed everybody, which is fine. And what I want to end like, this is the heart of this thing that I would love to see him. You know, I don't necessarily care if it's all the heads, but I would love to see like a pile of bodies like, okay, you know, if the heads are a little too gruesome, fine, right? But show like the pile bodies, you know, the show their hands, but show the pile bodies stacked up in the corner of the room, and maybe some blood marks like that little fraction would have just been like, Oh, my God. Yeah, I know, it would have just given that like, oh, the students self

instead of like, the, you know, he's leaves, right. You know, my really, really, that's, that's what you do.

I'm gonna feel it. I so I used to watch like, Spider Man, and excellent and know when I got home from school, but I was never into the actual comic book. So like, I don't know, a lot of these like backstory is like what Lula does. And I don't, I like the characters. I don't always have, like, the same connection to them that she does. So like, in some ways, I'm kind of glad that I don't have that. Because, like, the movies are enjoyable to me. I really, I really liked them. And I don't like

I have another friend Christy, that's, like, super into the comic books, everything. And she has, she has, like, a lot of the same feelings, like a little, it doesn't the same connection to the characters and she critiques the movies, like, sure, you


so I am, I'm, like, always happy with all of them. Because, like, it's kind of, like, new to me. Sure. Yeah,

I like hearing it from Lula's perspective, to about how you know, iconic these people are, these characters are to her and that kind of thing and seeing it come out, you know, I actually,

I actually had a big fear that venom was going to be too similar to what they did with

the old one. The old venom with the original didn't see it. I'm right.

Second name.

Tobey Maguire. Yes. Yeah, like venom in

that I heard of his shady,

shady, dark, which I thought was cool. I was all in that. The problem that I saw with that as CGI wasn't area, you know, really wasn't where you know what it is today. So, like, for me, I saw that, and I was like, you're building a job, man and of sand, right? But venom can't be a little more badass.

Thank you. Like, that was my disconnect.

And then, like, this one came out. And I was like, Oh, hello, we woke up. Thanks to modern technology. Venom's going to look like a total killer now thank you like what he was originally supposed to be yeah you know and I think he definitely could have been a little more ruthless to like he was a little too nice which I'm like and then somebody don't try and take over the world they were going to kill the whole human race anyway in your spare and


that was my

maybe there that's like the

Eddie Brock part of I mean I guess venom is around how many parts but like that's like the release like the or like what they learn from each other kind of

thing yeah do you get sick and he says like you know I want to defend your planet why because of you you know okay great but beforehand like in the initial fight scene like when he's putting his hands up like dude kill them all like what like like you're an alien that just took over like in this dude has obviously no control over you act like it yeah you know be a little business you know Deadpool who's getting shot left and right yeah corn and she can't even show him killing people why sad sad that's my thoughts on

I feel deeply

like well I wasn't expecting it

says no we're

No No

Did I miss anything that you know we'll see what happens I'm kind of curious know the next one's already coming up.

So let's talk about phase man this present day in the room in the fields moment right now you brought a little I did pro

okay bro.

Yeah, the game changer for me last year. Such a

good guy. Oh my god. It's good thing and married you right on spot

we passed by that chapel. And the, in the in the cruise. You know, the cruise

cruise line was a by the way Carnival you shoot out?

miracle. Oh my god. I'm just kidding.

I'm just kidding. I like aren't lookers is personally. Except they limit on how many drinks you can have today. Oh, yeah.

Tender today on your card. Even if even if you have the unlimited package because who in their right mind is supposed to drink 17 drinks in a day? I mean, in a week. Well, this guy does. Thankfully. Same thing.

My liver can handle it. And I've already put that to the test.

But have you gone back on the miracle can be like taking a little trip down memory lane. know

we. We did get married on a cruise to the city. It was leaving queen. Wait, what? I wanted those new our cruises where it circles the city and you get to go really close to the Statue of Liberty. Yeah.

Yeah. And it's really nice. doesn't really tell them when they got married on.


no roulette table. Yeah. Cuz I was

shut down. 517. Why did you put $5 down? I know,

plan a little better. Come on.

My God. I think it was amazing. That August 17. Yeah.

Well, we did. It was a cruise on August 17. The original cruise that you guys got on? No, no. Oh, I don't know. August played a part in it. Other than 7517 would have been like on the money noted.

Nice size.

The next guy.

Just kidding. Just kidding. Actually. I friends that dated because I told them that the date I am I forget what it was, I think was like 11, 1213

or something like that. And I was like, I don't wanna say who it was. But I'm like, Hey, this is a really good date for like an anniversary and stuff like that. He's like, okay, and he asked his girlfriend to be his girlfriend on that day. didn't work out. But whatever. It was so cool. God. Okay. Relax.

Cool. date. Yeah. Alright, so let's

talk about comics. sent me the iPad last. Okay. I stopped drawing for a long period of time. Why? Yeah. Um, well, I just, I got the whole comic books scene and stuff like that. And I was really into it.

What, what, what happened? Well busy or

what? The time the my ex boyfriend you know, dating. He was really into it. And he knew somebody very high up in Marvel. So we used to get, you know, premiere tickets to spider man. Yeah, the Punisher when it came out theater, and to go and actually meet the actors and stuff like that. And so I was starting to do some. Well,

just kidding, just kidding.

I'm definitely enjoyed that part.

And then I just stopped after that, for a long period of time, I was lucky enough, I was fortunate enough to actually still keep the connection with Marvel and

and was able to show my portfolio to Joe Quesada, who is the creative

at the time he was the chief editor of Marvel. Yeah, and he gave me some tips and stuff like that. And, you know,

I had lunch with him, and it was great.

It was definitely a great experience. So, fast forward, five years later, I, you know,

I kind of just penciled here and there and through some stuff, but I'm always wanted to get into the digital world, I always wanted to color and back then you'd have to have like these huge tablets, you know, that were like, two grand and above the software behind it, the CPU behind it, and it just, it's not

to get into drawing digitally, yes,

yeah. Okay. You know, so Apple made this amazing iPad Pro last year with the pencil that has an amazing ability of, you know, sensitivity to the touch and feel of an actual pencil. Sure. So from practicing on it on my own, and taking online tutorials following artists that were just amazing to me, there's so much out there now shown to, you know, that you could learn on your own, I was able to mimic their techniques and create my own stuff. And then also use it for, you know, maybe taking artwork that a professional artist has created so that I could learn the shading and learn how to use, you know, whatever lines they used, and recreate their cover, let's say,

Wow, that's pretty reverse engineer.

So it from like, it's pretty hard to go from pencil to digital. I can only imagine I can talk to art. I can talk artists now that are like real comp of artists that they're just starting to get into the iPad Pro and using it because it's portable to see iPad

Pro, like the leader in the

I think it is, I think, I think most artists do. I've seen them all the time that you don't see them with the other.

The other one is the Microsoft Surface,

right? Yeah, the Surface Hub, though.


it's this insanely expensive, but like it has little turn thing. I don't know if you've seen it. So you come from the tech background, but it's just massive thing. And you could literally lay down as a little something like this. And he basically stick to the screen and the screen knows. And you can literally just turn it and pick your colors off of a color wheel. It's very impressive. Yeah, yes, probably way overkill for 99.999% of people, but


to integrate.

After practicing for at least nine months, I went from, like,

pure garbage to actually something that looks like there's a long time to learn. Yeah,

long time years, you know, I don't have any proper technical training. So these are concepts that are picked up by students that are training, you know, short these colleges and stuff like that easily. And I don't have that. So I had to teach myself on my own and figure it out, which was a long road now. Now I'm creating art and also learning

and then all of a sudden, I found out about a convention called in beyond con and that beyond. Yeah, that's for independent artists. So it's no pressure. It's a small convention, it's i n g n. And it's basically for our independent artists, only, no big guys are there, no professionals like you know, so there's no intimidation. And I spoke to the person that handles all of it. The Creator Eric Hutchinson, and I told him my story, how I always wanted to get back into it. And now I have an iPad Pro. I have some stuff, you know, and he helped me along the way, give me a table

and cosplay.

Yeah, they have. cosplayers in there. And it's pretty cool. Um, and I've got to meet some amazing people

I met fans that contact me to till today. And this was or, you know, this was about two and a half months ago. And, you know, they they're contacting me for like, custom work

commissions and stuff like that. And I was fortunate enough to meet somebody that was creating another convention called the Suffolk comp comic art Expo, which happened last Saturday, his name is Phil and I met him there. We were talking back and forth a little bit because I did find out about the show because now I'm interested in conventions. People are telling me about it. So he came to the show. He came to me and Conlon is two beautiful daughters. And we met he met my husband, you know,

I was talking to him about

it, too.

Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. So, yeah, he sees me draw all this stuff. And he wants to make sure it's just like,

they're like, inseparable. I told you

there about, like, 10 years older than part than I. So we have, like, a great example in Andrew in the low like, what couples do for each other? And what manages we also have great examples for you both of our parents, but

policy here that

yeah, I mean them longer than I don't know. So, you know, yeah, his love for them, you know, a little further back in mind, but it's like our

Yeah, yeah. So,

yes, a Phil asked me if I was interested in being at his show. And that was pretty intense. Because if you look at his show,

there are some Wait, hold on one second artists there. So I was just


So Phil asked me to be on his show. And now is pretty intimidating because there were artists already lined up his alley that were professionals and, you know, people that worked for that did come, you know, work for Marvel and DC and had their own comic books.

So if you take a look at his artist alley, it's pretty amazing. It's

an artist alley,

that's the lineup of the artists that are going to be at the show. So they'll be vendors. So vendors can be in comic book stores, or those toy collectible stores, anything in that whole like comic book genre, and then they'll have artists there. So artists are there to sell their prints or actual originals or their comic books that they are doing or that they're involved with also having commissions so that they'll draw right there live sketches sometimes, or if you tell them you know, I really want something and you tell them beforehand, you connect with them and then they'll have it there for you so that you could pick it out that's really yeah, take a picture with them or stuff like that. So they'll have like something done that takes you know takes a pretty you know decent time to do instead of like a quick sketch

so yeah and and I was, you know, honor to be a part of the show on it was, you know, I had two months to prepare for it now. So, instead of just two weeks for Ambien con, which was crazy to start preparing for data every night drawing because I'm working a 40 hour job, it's rainy to and also teaching yoga. Um,

so now, why did you want to prepare for the expo? Like, what would you prepare? Well,

you want now you're you want to have stuff that's catching eyes, and, you know, new stuff, stuff that wasn't only at NBA con, because you understand what we're Long Island, you know, it's the same people, same community, they're going to go to one showing your next show, and stuff like that. So you want to try new stuff. And plus also finished the stuff that you've been working on that maybe you kind of put to the side now you have more time to clean it up, make it better promote it, you know, through Instagram and stuff like that. So, so I was able to get a you know, pretty nice table full of stuff ready for the show all stuff that you made? Yeah. Wow. Yeah. So I actually do put artwork on canvases that kind of sets me a little bit apart from the other artists. They're like, I can actually have don't do that. Yeah, you don't really see that you'll, you'll see more of the traditional prints and stuff like that. But I can put artwork because I can I have a great company that will take my artwork, I'm printed on canvas. And so they can be, you know, small eight by eight or 12 by 12, or even bigger. Yeah, so it looks pretty nice for a show when you have the same artwork that's and I'll print that's also on a canvas. And now you don't have to frame it to be a nice gift for some money. And it's really reasonably priced. It's not I'm not trying to kill anyone, because I'm a new artists. And sure a lot of its fan are too. I mean, that's just, you know, my interpretation of that character. And on either digitally or by pencils. So,

so yeah, I mean, along the way, I've met some amazing people, people that have been supporting me, you know, and pushing me on Instagram.